Incomplete DMIT Sessions

Most of the DMIT centers/counselors are providing DMIT reports without proper counseling and not to deal with DMIT workbook.
A DMIT report without proper counseling sessions and DMIT workbook is just like a large machine without its instruction/operating manual.
The DMIT workbook which is a compulsory part of DMIT counseling is provided to every participant in UK, China and Thailand.
But in India due to lack of proper knowledge DMIT provided in India is not providing DMIT workbook.
The DMIT workbook provided by brain mappers is a specially designed workbook prepared by experienced DMIT analyst and researchers of Taiwan and UK. This book is a must have companion book to the DMIT will guide the parents to how to use DMIT report, the strength and weakness of the children.
This notebook is a thorough guide and contains exercise to take full advantage of DMIT report.
Brain mappers provides all the report with a workbook which works really very good and beneficial for the child.

Brain Mappers

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